How can I create a Buy-one-get-one bundles?

This bundling is used when you buy one main item, you can avail a discount for another complimentary product or get another product free. This is a best used technique for one time purchase products For example, electronics, if a customer buys a hair dryer they wouldn’t be coming in to buy the same product again. Hence, offering a complimentary product, discount or gift card will encourage your customers to add more items to their carts at a lesser price. Bundling adds value to your products by adding extra features or products to your existing purchase. You can tailor your product offerings according to the preference of your customers to align with their wants. Offering unique and carefully curated bundles can help you stand out in comparison with your competitors. It clears out your aging inventory, increases your items’ perceived value in the eyes of your customers, and boosts sales.
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