What problems does Llama Bundles solve?

  1. Manual Product Bundling: Simplifies the process of manually curating product bundles. ✨
  2. Volume Discounts: Offers volume discounts to incentivize customers to buy more. 💰
  3. Compatibility: Works seamlessly with all Shopify plans, including Shopify Plus. 🛠️
  4. Bundling at Checkout: Allows bundling directly at checkout, enhancing the purchasing experience. 🛒
  5. Draft Orders: Facilitates the creation of draft orders for countries without Shopify Payments support. 📝
  6. Seamless Application: Applies bundling discounts directly from the product page or shopping cart, without navigating to the checkout. 🔄
  7. Efficiency: Streamlines the product bundling and discounting process, saving time and effort for merchants. ⏳
  8. Sales Boost: Helps merchants increase sales by offering attractive bundled deals to customers. 🚀
  9. Flexibility: Provides flexibility in creating custom bundling strategies tailored to specific business needs. 🎨
  10. Revenue Optimization: Optimizes revenue potential by encouraging larger purchases through volume discounts. 📈

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